Oil Paintings 

from the exhibition 'Plastic Rendez-vous' (2014, UK)

Writing for the exhibiton 'Plastic Rendez-vous' (2014, London, UK) 




I’ve grown my nails, hurting my hands, but its mysterious shine makes me not want to let it go.

From her lashes, that she has grown for an ambiguous figure, she cries knowing that he will wipe it from her face.

My eyes, your eyes, their eyes. Nose are plastic. Everything is plastic, nothing belongs to me. Coffee tastes of plastic.

My body might also be plastic. The scars on my arm are shallow compared to those inflicted on my heart, so making it beautiful.

The view from the footbridge is somewhat beautiful. Red, green and yellow lights, all beautiful. Artificial beauty.

Nature, beautiful too. Not that I know anything. 

Tokyo, paradise of the affluent. The tears on my brows blur the night lights and I am safe in the knowledge that there is an escape without cigarettes and alcohol.

Plastic me, plastic hotel, plastic toys, your love is plastic, so its safe. You and I, we’re both plastic.


(work of collague  with readymade photo stickes)

Untitled (because you said I am beautiful ) 2014, five Japanese photo stickers, 300x300mm

Installation view from the exhibition 'Either me or you' in Tokyo,2014

'Prikura', a shortened name of  'print club' in Japanese, refers printed put photo stickers or the photo booths in the pop culture. The users, mainly teenagers and young women, take their portrait in the booth first, set up the contrast, the hue and satiration and colours for the background afterwards. The uniquness of 'purikura' is that it has an automatic program to modify the users figures and faces by following the proporpotion of  models in the advertising industry. In the other words, purikura is a magical machine giving the users fictional model like styles that they long for. 


Untitled (because you said I am beautiful ) in 2014 is the first work of a series 'Purikura'. The work are made from actual five purikuras that Takaya took in the booths, trying not to appear in the frame of photography.  An original size of purikura is apporoximately 10mm x 20mm in general, however, Takaya cut four purikuras into five stripes to compose an entire abstract image with her choice of coulors for the backgrounds.  

Untitled (birthday gift), 2014, a series of six photographs


Untitled (celebrating you), 2014, a pair of photographs


Text works, 2013-2014 (The collection of her dream house)

Untitled (from 'the collection of her dream house') 2014, laser engraved text on acrylic board (left), ink on paper

The collection of her dream houses is a new seriese of works : a pair of text and drawing.  The text come from repeated dreams of the artist's mother which illustrate her seven ideal houses. Takaya makes one drawing responding to the each of houses. As  following the rule that she makes a work without making any practice drawings, she has been exploring a method that can  realize ellements of a deam; we have it by chance without any controll.